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“Much like all great female artists, Luna’s music is bold, brave and beautiful. Her lyrics are honest and take you to that certain place in time. Blending contemporary folk, blues, rock and Americana, Luna’s music is poetic and tells stories that make you laugh, cry and dance!”

Tina Fichera
Image from “Darlin’ Official Video” produced by Kiki Love Production

What’s going on with Luna Slater?

Hi!!! Thank you for visiting LunaSlaterMusic.com!!! So, you want to know what’s new? I’ve been writing and recording, of course! If you want me to play at your venue, just send me an email. My newest album is almost ready for release, so keep your eye on this site for the exact date.

See you soon!

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Let’s go bowling!!

Taos has some unique venues and Gutters is one of them!!! Come see me and Omar Rane play some tunes while you get rockin’ in your bowling shoes and maybe grab a beer with us!! (click on post for details)

Tribal Visions Festival

I’m playing on Sept. 24th (see post for more info)……this is a 4-day family event supporting Tewa Women United!!!


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